02.08.2003 Gay Pride Amsterdam 2003

I just got home from a day of shooting Gay Pride. I’m digging through all the pictures at the moment, expect all of the good ones to be uploaded tonight or tomorrow. Here’s one to hold you over:


Vertrutting indeed…

Update 00:35 hrs: I selected a couple of pictures and did some post processing on them. Colour and saturation changes are my own creative interpretation and might change depending on my mood. :)

You’ll find two new albums in the gallery: Gay Pride :: Canal Parade and Gay Pride :: Rush Party :: Amstelveld. The latter contains some photos taken of the Amsterdam Pride Summer Jam in front of Moko, organised by Chemistry. My personal favorite up to now is this one, the expression is simply stunning…

If you recognise yourself in one of these photos and you would like to have a print, please contact me so we can work something out.

alex | 21:31 | fotografie, plaatsen