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For a couple of months now I’ve been actively filtering spam, because my inbox was being flooded with crap. I guess that’s my punishment for being registered on several forums and being the webmaster of a couple of sites.

To combat spam, I’m using procmail to filter mails right on the server, as well as the Junk Mail filters built into Thunderbird for anything that gets through. I save all the spam I get so I can teach the Thunderbird filters, and right now I have 2442 mails sitting in a folder, gathered over just a few months.

When reading through some of the e-mails, you have to wonder for whom this is intended. Who in their right mind would order penis enlargement pills from some dodgy anonymous spammer?! Well, it seems Wired has the answer.

An order log left exposed at one of Amazing Internet Products’ websites revealed that, over a four-week period, some 6,000 people responded to e-mail ads and placed orders for the company’s Pinacle herbal supplement. Most customers ordered two bottles of the pills at a price of $50 per bottle.

6000 people responded in four weeks!! The world is coming to an end, I tell ya. In case you’re wondering, one guy actually tested these pills, read all about it here.

Day one: No change.
Day two: No change.
Day three: No change.
Days four through 30: See above.
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