05.07.2003 Thoughts on the photo site

I’m still not sure what the best plan of attack is for the photo site. Initially I uploaded the full six megapixel files to the server and let Gallery resize them to thumbnails and 700x467 pixel images for decent web viewing. I realized this strategy has a couple of disadvantages: It takes quite long to upload, eventually it’ll take up quite some disk space, but most impotantly, the resize tool that runs on my Linux server, Netpbm, murders the sharpness of the images. I can hear all you graphics/Linux/photo guru’s screaming “use ImageMagick!”, but to be honest I don’t think that’ll do the trick either.

Anyway, because of these reasons, I decided to resize the images for the web in Photoshop and sharpen them individually. I’ve been trying to come up with some sort of standard sharpening so I can create an Action, but it seems to me every image needs it’s own amount of sharpening. Initially I created images of 700 pixels wide, but then I got some complaints that they were too small. So now I’m sort of set on 900x600 pixels. Gallery still creates the 700x467 pixels ‘sized’ version, which is still sucky quality, so I think I’ll just rip out that step. What I’m wondering about now is whether 200 to 300Kb per image is maybe a bit modem-unfriendly (think mom’n’dad).

Lastly, I’m wondering if Gallery is all that great. I have the feeling that no visitor will notice that I added images to the Tourism in Amsterdam folder, let alone a folder that is not on the first page. Maybe that question is a bit semantic, since I probably have no visitors to begin with. ;)

In any case, suggestions from all you readers out there are welcome. (Hello, is anybody out there?)

alex | 23:14 | algemeen geleuter
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(As you probably noticed) I don’t do any sharpening on my pics and resize all my pics in Photoshop to 550 wide, which gives me a size of 30 to 70 kb per image. I guess in your book that’d be sucky quality :-)
But I guess we don’t have the same goal. My pics are boring sucky family pics, mainly visited by family in France and Brazil with antique modems and computers…
You make pure art! I love your pictures! I’m especially impressed by the colours and the choice of your subjects.

Rumy - 06.07.2003 - 10:28

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