16.07.2003 Google loves me, it seems…

I was just looking though my site stats, and I noticed that 90% of all the keywords used on seach engines (read: Google) is ‘blijburg’. Now, that in itself it not so strange, since I have an album called Blijburg, but when I entered the keyword in Google to see how high my ranking is, I saw this:

how freaky!

Now that’s freaky, I’m even before blijburg.nl, which as far as I know is not normal behavior for Pagerank. I checked out both sites in IE with the Google Toolbar and it seems we both have a PageRank of 0/10, which maybe has something to do with it. Still, apart from the fact that I use the word Blijburg once and it’s in the <title> tag, I have everything against me. So I think Google just loves me.

And no, I did not mean bleiburg!

alex | 22:59 | geek