02.07.2003 Coldplay, the best band in the world

A couple of days ago I got a call from a friend who had a spare ticket for the Nada Surf + Supergrass + Coldplay + Live concert in Nijmegen. Hours of fun in the open air with some excellent bands, just the recipe for a sunny summer day.

Of course, after a dry spell which turned the grass in front of my house yellow, the weather Gods decided to please us some rain during the concert. Torrent, cloudburst and downpour are the first words that come to mind, most of us reached a stage of “can’t-get-any-wetter” quite rapidly.

We missed Nada Surf because of traffic insanity, but after Popular from 1996 I hadn’t heard anything of them anyway. Supergrass was great, they can always get the crowd going at festivals.

Coldplay was stunning. They are, in my humble opinion, the best band in the world at the moment. Chris Martin knows how to work the crowd with his charm, energy and great voice. I loved his loose style, just having a laugh about some slip ups. All in all their songs are excellent and their live performance is amazing.

After such a great performance, I couldn’t really get into Live anymore. I own the Throwing Copper album, which was great at the time. But somehow the sound doesn’t work for me anymore. Live just seem pretentious and they take themselves too seriously. We left after the third song…

No pictures this time, cause no digital SLR’s with fat tele lenses allowed. :(

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